Celebrate every day at Fridays

Join us at Fridays for date night, post-shopping spree cocktails, girls’ night or a family dinner. Fridays is here to bring that Fridays feeling, no matter what day of the week or time of day.

We’re here to make sure you have a fantastic time so be sure to let the team know what special occasion you are celebrating at Fridays (or write in the booking section when booking online). You can leave the rest to us 😊



Another great reason to celebrate the monarch -  70 years and counting. Now THAT'S a reason to celebrate.

Raise a glass with us


You asked for it, we’ve delivered it, finally the dream of Sesame Chicken Strips with unlimited amounts of your favourite tipple is a reality!


Friday 29th April – Monday 2nd May

Join us this bank holiday and try our Long Island Iced Tea range, perfect for the long weekend!


Are you ready for a show stopping October at Fridays?

We’re celebrating the release of Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile coming to cinemas 14th October 2022. 


We’re proud to offer several irresistible vegan choices that you can enjoy all year round at Fridays.

Dry January

January is a good start, but don't worry, you can enjoy our no and low drinks range year round.

Valentine's Day

Celebrate with the loves of your life at the original singles bar, there’s no better place to get in the mood!


Let's Start With The Most Important One, Obvs... Your Birthday!

The best reason to celebrate every year. Join us at Fridays to mark another year around the sun. Cocktails for the adults, Sundaes for the kids! 

February Half Term

Keep the little ones busy during half term whilst enjoying our new and best ever kids menu!

Mothers Day

Mother's Day

Treat the Mum in your life and celebrate in style by spoiling her with the Fridays experience.


Hop on down to Fridays and have some family fun and enjoy an eggcellent meal!

May Half Term

Looking for somewhere to keep the kids entertained during half term? You found it.

May Bank Holiday

MayDay MayDay. Try our Long Island Iced Tea range, perfect for the long weekend!

May Half Term

Looking for somewhere to keep the kids entertained during half term? You found it.

Father's Day

Join us this Father’s Day and gift the Dad in your life with a meal to remember at Fridays.

GCSE Exam Results Day

Remember, a grade doesn’t define you. The main goal in life is to be happy. Celebrate being you at Fridays.

Independence Day

One for our USA visitors. Bring your cowboy hats and big appetites to us and we'll make you feel at home in our Fridays restaurants.

A-Level Results Day

The hard work is over, well done. Before you make any more life decisions, why not celebrate your achievement at Fridays.

University Graduation Day

Throw those mortarboard hats up high in the air and celebrate your achievement at Fridays with your family and friends. 

Summer Holiday

How many weeks of no school??? Remember parents and guardians, we are here to get them out of your hair for a while!

Halloween Cocktails

Something for the grown-ups. Dress up, dress down, dress as the undead! But just make sure to enjoy our great range of cocktails and food at Fridays. 

Halloween October Half Term

Trick or treat... its always a treat at Fridays. Bring the little ones for a spooktastic time at Fridays. 

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The decs are up and the nights have drawn in. Wrap up and sink your teeth into our amazing festive menu.

Check out the festive menu


We are grateful for having such amazing guests visit us each and every day. Who are you thankful for? Let them know with a trip to Fridays.

New Years Eve

It's the last day of the year to celebrate. Book early to avoid disappointment of ending with your Fridays favourite bang.


Check out our Instagram competition for your chance to win tickets to 'The Lost City' movie

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Check back nearer the next Bank Holiday to find out what's on offer