Celebrating Women’s Football

Uniting for Something Bigger

As part of our mission to make Fridays Famous again, we are excited to be the official partner of five women’s football clubs for the 2021/2022 season.

Alongside the squad, coaches and partnership teams at Birmingham Football Club, Hashtag United, Everton Football Club, Rangers Football Club and Southampton Football Club, we are committed to:

Changing attitudes towards women in football

Increasing visibility of the sport, teams and players

Inspiring inclusivity and the next generation


Goals For Girls logo


Fridays are giving you the chance to win big for your own team. We want to celebrate the game you love by giving you money can’t buy prizes and experiences. Goals for Girls is a competition for grassroots football clubs’ courtesy of Fridays.

Winners will be chosen at random so click below to find out more and sign up today.


This isn’t just about being another sponsor on a football shirt or a brand that shouts about diversity in the game, then walks away. This is an opportunity to change things for women’s football. Because it’s a joy to be a part of.

For the players, because they deserve the recognition

For young fans, because it fuels their confidence

For the future of the game, and our future too.

To change the game, you’ve got to be in it.

We’re going to bring change by celebrating all the positive things about women’s football in a way that makes it hard to ignore.

Because we are Fridays. And celebrating is what we do best.


We kicked off our campaign by challenging the stigma surrounding women's football. Watch here:

#CelebrateTheGame Competition

Think you’ve got the tekkers that our girls have got?!

Tag @TGIFridaysUK and #CelebrateTheGame in your videos on social media and the best ones will win a brand new Women’s Super League Football. T&Cs available here.